“Injections” by Paul Bogaert

Screen capture of "Injections" by Paul Bogaert. Two nurses tend to a bed-ridden patient. No text.
Open “Injections” by Paul Bogaert

This video poem is composed from footage of a “Dream Hospital” newsreel, video clips from a nursing documentary from 1942 (also used in Bogaert’s “You’re Lying and You Filter,” Bogaert’s lines of verse (translated from Dutch by John Irons), voice-over recordings, and ambient sounds. Bogaert’s text and editing bring together short looped video clips to create a whole new narrative about an absurd experimental treatment, made particularly surreal by voice-overs of poetic language that barely fits the visual context provided by the video. The short looped clips are edited and to create an illusion of narrative continuity, which makes is more disconcerting, because there is nothing natural in identical bodily movements associated with different speech content, not to mention the repeated injections that the patient is subjected to.

I just hope they’re able to free the bird.

Featured in ELMCIP Anthology of European Electronic Literature.

Read more about this work at ELMCIP.

“You’re lying and you filter…” by Paul Bogaert

"You’re lying and you filter…" by Paul Bogaert
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