“24-Hr. Micro-Elit Project” by Dene Grigar


“Fallow Field” by Dene Grigar

Screen capture from "Fallow Field" by Dene Grigar. Text of work accompanied by photograph of a dark, windowed room. Text: "so numbed by the noise and the alcohol that the itching of the bites he endured at home ceased to bother him/07 Me, ha!/08 Me, he leaves to the fields and flies and my own FALLOW heart, which grows more empty and dangerous each day because no feelings are left to dust it with tenderness./08 But I have grown bolder this time that Theo's been gone.
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“The ELO 2012 Media Arts Show: A Retrospect”

Screen shot from “The ELO 2012 Media Arts Show: A Retrospect”. White background with the title “The ELO 2012 Media Arts Show” at the top, below it a text that is too far to read , below the text a bar with these options: “Artists, Venues, Exhibit Events, Credits, Conferences”. And finally, below this bar there are eight pictures of what appear to be art works.
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