Taroko Gorge and Its Remixes

“Taroko Gorge,” Nick Montfort’s 2009 nature poem has been the inspiration for many remixes by established writers, scholars, and students the world over. Initially reviewed by Leonardo Flores in February 2012, during the 2nd Critical Code Studies Working Group, he revisited the remixes cited in Montfort’s 2012 remix of his poem, writing as a series … Read more

Resource: E-Poetry as Code and Data Remix

This page is a resource for my presentation “E-Poetry as Code & Data Remix” for Repurposing in Electronic Literature at the DIG Gallery in Košice, Slovakia on Saturday, November 2, 2013. The presentation itself is available in the embedded video below: Resources to be discussed: bpNichol, First Screening (1984) Annie Abrahams, A(l)one (1999) Jim Andrews, Arteroids (2001) … Read more

“Taroko Gorge [2012 remix]” by Nick Montfort

Spoiler alert: Are you experienced? If you have never read “Taroko Gorge,” read this first. (You’re in for a treat!) If you haven’t read any of its remixes, read some entries (and poems). If you’re experienced in this set of poems, read on. On January 8, 2009, Nick Montfort published “Taroko Gorge” a generative e-poem … Read more

A Literatura Cibernética 1 by Pedro Barbosa

Pedro Barbosa’s pioneering work introduced computer-generated literature (CGL) in Portugal in 1975. Having worked with Abraham A. Moles at the University of Strasbourg, Barbosa published three theoretical-practical volumes of his programming experiences with the FORTRAN and BASIC languages. These volumes deal with combinatorics and randomness, developing algorithms able to ally computing and literary production, bearing … Read more

12 Bots inspired by @everyword

To celebrate Allison Parrish’s achievement– getting her bot @everyword to complete its 7 year tour-de-force of tweeting every word in the English language in alphabetical order, every 30 minutes– this entry will briefly examine 12 bots inspired and followed by @everyword. If you’ve never heard of this, you may want to read this earlier entry … Read more

“the way bot (@thewaybot)” by Eli Brody

I like it when a bot makes me smile. The way that this deceptively simple bot works: it searches 1% of the Twitter stream for tweets that contain the phrase “I like it when,” cleans them up of all mentions, hashtags, and special characters to distill a sentence starting with that phrase, checks them against … Read more

“I AM THAT I AM” (@PERMUTANT)” by Zach Whalen

This bot, inspired by and named after a famous 1960 poem (and concept) by Brion Gysin, publishes a daily permutational poem on Twitter. Each poem consists of 120 lines, derived from permutations of the first line (and title), and tweeted about 5 lines per hour on a semi-random timer, taking a day to publish completely. … Read more

“[con]artist” by Randy Adams

This hypertext multimedia work by the late master remixer Randy Adams is an homage to the World Wide Web. Adams describes his impetus “to create a hypertext[url] Web art work that pays homage to the World Wide Web and, on the other hand, pokes some fun at it” and “to utilize and interpret, exclusively, text … Read more

Index: A to Z by Title

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z (Articles used in alphabetical listing) # “3 Proposals for Bottle Imps” by William Poundstone “4 Square” by Jody Zellen “5 Haitis” by Simon Kerr “6-string Aria” by Bill Marsh … Read more