Avenues of Access exhibition at MLA 2013


“Avenues of Access” aims to show that because of its close connection to digital technologies, electronic literature, an art form, is both vibrant and evolving.

-Dene Grigar, co-curator

Reading spaces increasingly compel my attention as I think through what I find most novel and exciting about e-lit being made right now. Code works and locative works — that is, stories set in both virtual and physical space — fascinate me. When a new device, or software, or code library comes into being, e-lit artists ask themselves: what kinds of stories will this let me tell?

-Kathi Inman Berens, co-curator

The Avenues of Access Exhibit was held at the MLA Convention in Boston on January 2013. It showcased 33 new works of born digital literature in the categories of Multimodal Narrative, Multimodal Poetry, E-essay, Mobile/locative works, and Literary Games. The 30 writers represented in the exhibition were from Canada, the UK, France, Portugal, Germany, Austria, and Australia. Expertly curated, this exhibition offers a snapshot of practices, platforms, and poetics of electronic literature in early 2013.

There’s an open CFP to cover the works not yet reviewed. Contact the editor if you’re interested in writing about one of these works.

CuratorsDene Grigar and Kathi Inman Berens
Year: 2013

Works Reviewed

Works Not Reviewed 

Resource created by Leonardo Flores, Cynthia Román, and Ian Rolón.