New Tools for Exploring I ♥ E-Poetry

The transition from Tumblr to WordPress is a transformation from a performance writing blog to a knowledge base and electronic publication– something that will be discussed in the near future.

A key change makes a more systematic and useful implementation of the information established in its original tagging system by converting tags into categories and grouping them. The only information that remained as tags is the author’s names, since it would add over 300 subcategories rendering category pull-down menus useless. WordPress allows me to deploy the categories in two significant ways:

  • A pull-down menu on the sidebar, which lists all categories with nested subcategories and the number of works under each category. That is a useful bit of information to be had at a glance, leading to exploration of other similar works.
  • A menu in the header which presents the categories side-by-side, revealing a selection of subcategories under each with a mouse-over.

So come explore this knowledge base of over 500 entries as never before!