New Contributor: Calum Rodger

I ♥ E-Poetry welcomes its new contributor, Calum Rodger.

calumrodgerCalum Rodger is a poet, scholar and performer based in Glasgow, Scotland, currently completing his PhD thesis on the work of Scottish poet Ian Hamilton Finlay at the University of Glasgow. His research interests run the whole gamut of twentieth and twenty-first century experimental poetic practice, having written on Dada, the Beats, concrete poetry, flarf and alt lit, among others. With respect to e-poetry, he is particularly interested in generative works, Twitter bots and interactive poetry generators. These interests are motivated by a drive to explore the nature of ‘the poetic’ and ways it might be  reimagined in the digital environment. He is a member of the Electronic Literature Organisation and was awarded The N. Katherine Hayles Award for Criticism of Electronic Literature Honorary Mention (2014) for his article ‘Reading the Drones: Working Towards a Critical Tradition of Interactive Poetry Generation’. A selection of his own work, including human-machine collaborations, can be found at