“non-LOSS’y translator” by Simon Biggs and Loss Pequeño Glazier

Screen capture of “non-LOSS’y translator” by Simon Biggs and Loss Pequeño Glazier. Black background with binary code in green. Text in different colors on top. Four big, purple circles and two small ones.
Open “non-LOSS’y translator” by Simon Biggs and Loss Pequeño Glazier

This authoring software was created by Simon Biggs as part of the Page Space Project, a collaborative experiment in which e-lit writers would create a page structure for another to write in and produce a work of electronic literature. Biggs created this structure to encode the characters typed by into “a number of different languages, including English, Greek symbols, the decimal ASCII codes that map keyboard keys to typography, the binary codes that equate to these, Morse Code and Braille.” This odd word processor also resizes the characters as you type to fit the entire text on the screen space, doing so until it reaches illegibility.

Initially, Loss Pequeño Glazier’s contribution is unclear, though his poetics are implied by the title as well as by the enactment of Glazier’s multilingual practices (mixing Spanish, English, and code). The project doesn’t include a saved document written by Glazier for this clever page space, but as the authoring system’s implied writer, he is already inscribed into the work. Glazier doesn’t need to type a single letter into this little machine made of words for this to be a collaborative work.