“Because You Asked” by Alan Bigelow

“American Ghosts” by Alan Bigelow

“Slipping Glimpse” by Stephanie Strickland, Cynthia Lawson Jaramillo, and Paul Ryan

“Palavrador” by Chico Marinho

Screen capture of “Palavrador” by Chico Marinho. Terracotta background with a giant stone on it. The stone has random letters engraved on it and text appears above a square, to the left of the stone.
Open “Palavrador” by Chico Marinho

“Plaintext Performance” by Bjørn Magnhildøen

Open “Plaintext Performance” by Bjørn Magnhildøen

“Family Tree” by Rosalie Hirs and Harm Van Den Dorpel

Screen capture from "Family Tree" by Rosalie Hirs and Harm Van Den Dorpel. Intricate family tree constructed from punctuation, such as brackets ans ellipses. Text: "mother, femme fatale, weeds grow, brought the spirit, mother, mother, father, butterfly of tales"
Open “Family Tree” by Rosalie Hirs and Harm Van Den Dorpel

“The Sweet Old Etcetera” by Allison Clifford

“The Mandrake Vehicles” by Oni Buchanan

Screen capture of “The Mandrake Vehicles” by Oni Buchanan. White-colored background with black-colored words as text. There are letters of the colors yellow, green, light green, orange, brown and light-brown colors around the screen capture, on a bigger side than the text. Some words can be read, others are in disorder and cant be read. Some of the words readable are: “Animals, grace like, parasols, green, nauseating, top, a, by, fork”, etcetera.

“Stud Poetry” by Marko Niemi

“[theHouse]” by Mary Flanagan

Open “[theHouse]” by Mary Flanagan

This is a challenging work because its presents a simple, yet imprecise, interface that allows one to explore an ever shifting 3D virtual space. Its boxes change colors and sizes and display texts randomly selected and assembled from four different datasets, triggered by a schedule or by user interaction.

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