“5 Haitis” by Simon Kerr

Screen capture from "5 Haitis" by Simon Kerr. The background is a poor village with houses made of wood on a dirt road which passes to the left of the houses and two men crossing each other in the road. One of the men is coming out of the river as he crosses the other guy. A river passes on the right side of the wooden houses. The foreground has three textboxes which has the profile of 2 dark skinned women one in each box and a man on the third one. The third box has unintelligile text. Text on the first box: Daily Chores / We must work hard / Guerda. The Lord / must continue to work and so / must we". Text in the Second box: "Daily Chores".
Open “5 Haitis” by Simon Kerr

This multimedia work about the 2010 earthquake in Haiti breathes life into the natural disaster by allowing readers to explore the stories of three characters who experienced it. The winner of the 2011 New Media Writing prize in the student category, this is a truly a work that arises from the logic of new media writing, seamlessly integrating elements of comics, narrative, cyberdrama, electronic literature, and videogames.

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