“The murmur of i n t e r s t i c e s” by Rumi and Zahra Safavian


Screen Capture of “The murmur of I n t e r s t I c e s” by Rumi and Zahra Safavian. Black-colored Background with nine pictures, colored accordingly to the white colored word on them.  They are separated in three rows and on each row there are three squared pictures. Below them there is a text: “Head unaware of feet, and feel head./Neither cares. They Keep turning./ Inside water, a waterwheel turns.” The words on the squares are: “winter, dream, moment, summer, delicate, honey, languid, bitter, lake”. The square with the word “winter” has a white and gray background, the one with the word “dream” has a flower with red petals, followed by the square “moment” which has a purple-colored background, then “summer” with a background of bloomed red and orange flowers, then “delicate” with a gray and purple colored background, “honey” with a golden and orange background, “languid” with a picture of the galaxy: blue, black and purple colors, “bitter” with a red background and “lake” with a blue-colored background.
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“Dissolution” by Zahra Safavian

Screen capture from "Dissolution" by Zahra Safavian. Grid of color-altered thumbnails displaying natural and urban scenes. Grid is divided by dotted blue lines.
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