“Puddle” and “Paddle” by Neil Hennesy

“Puddle” by Neil Hennessy

This kinetic concrete poem, along with its companion piece “Paddle” (below), is a minimalist statement of how meaningful the movement of words can be. Using three words with simple animation, Hennessy is able to build a narrative of the formation of a puddle and what happens after. The timing and spacing of the downward flow of language in this poem sets up a variation in the final part of the poem, as we get a little bit of upwards movement, combined with an insight on the shared etymology (or orthography) of the first and final words in the poem.

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“Jabber” by Neil Hennessy

Screen capture of "Jabber" by Neil Hennessy. Random words and letters float around on a white background. Text: "(nonsense)"
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“Basho’s Frogger” by Neil Hennessy

“Basho’s Frogger” by Neil Hennessy