“REPEATAFTERME” by Jörg Piringer

“Trickle” by Joerg Piringer, et. al.


“Trickle” by Joerg Piringer, et. al.

This performance of Piringer’s video poem “Broe Sell” extends the Lettrist dynamics occurring on screen onto the stage and the dancers. There are two significant props: a white sheet on the ground that may represent a page or screen surface, and a constant trickle of little crumpled pieces of paper falling on a spotlit space in the front of the stage. The dancers act like letters— or better said, letters placed in Piringer’s hand, which leads them to behave much differently from what we’re used to seeing on page or screen. In synch with the music and displayed video poem, the letter-dancers cluster and disperse, articulate their joints, collapse, rise again, and gaze time and again at the paper trickle.

Are they concerned about the contents of that cascade, evocative of strips of ticker tape used to distribute information in the stock market? Are they afraid of being treated like ordinary texts in print: lined up, fixed, read, and disposed of? Think about these questions as you see their final action in this performance.

Choreography: Kristina Merrill
Poetry: Joerg Piringer (“Broe Sell”)
Dancers: Jenny Alperin, Andrea Fitzpatrick, Kara Hodges, Stephanie Ohman, Lexi Julian

“Soundpoem I and Soundpoem II” by Jörg Piringer

Screen capture from “Soundpoem 1 and Soundpoem 2” by Jörg Piringer. Yellow green background with six lines of little gray rectangles and letters in some. Three of them form two separate rectangles in the center with black little checkmarks in the left side of the left lines and 1 square on each line of the right lines are red. Text in the rectangles: “a, xa, o, to, up, pu, xa, xa, ot, ot, pu, pu”. Text above the two rectangle rows: “press the buttons to change the sound”. Text in the top left corner: “[soundpoem two]”. Text in the left bottom corner: “[jörg piringer’s home]”

Open “Soundpoem I and Soundpoem II” by Jörg Piringer

“Konsonant” by Jörg Piringer

Screen capture of "Konsonant" by Jörg Piringer. Grey and red letters float across a dark screen. Text: "E E E E E E E E E / H H H H H H H H"
Open “Konsonant” by Jörg Piringer

“abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz” by Jörg Piringer

Screen capture from "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz" by Jörg Piringer. Grey backgroudn with the afterimages of different letters in the screen.
Open “abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz” by Jörg Piringer

“Soundpoems” by Jörg Piringer