“The Winter House” by Naomi Alderman and Jey Biddulph

Screen capture from "The Winter House" by Naomi Alderman and Jey Biddulph. Black background serving as a frame to a picture of a small pile of books laying on top of a wooden table with various lines of text written beside them. Next to the lines of text there ia a brown page with a magnifying glass laying over it. Text: "At her father's desk" followed by  8 lines too small to be read
Open “The Winter House” by Naomi Alderman and Jey Biddulph

This multimedia narrative shortlisted for the 2010 New Media Writing Prize combines a variety of genres and forms to tell an engaging story. This murder mystery brings the protagonist back to a mansion and boarding school to investigate her father’s untimely demise. The narrative and graphic design of this linear hypertext borrows heavily from the detective board game Clue (aka Cluedo), yet its treatment of the material using videogame interfaces, e-poetic deployment of its language, and smartly integrated multimedia keeps it from seeming cliché.

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