“Paperwounds,” by Andy Campbell

Screen capture of “Paperwounds,” by Andy Campbell. Black backround. Picture of a wrinkled paper.
Open “Paper Wounds,” by Andy Campbell

“Paperwounds,” is an intimate look into the sometimes-surreal, often-manic realm of the suicidal and depressed. It is an intense snapshot of the numerous facets that go into the decision of taking one’s own life, each of its disparate parts aligning to form a piecemeal narrative readers may only ever really guess at in its entirety. Presented as a crumpled up piece of paper, readers “unwrap” the suicide note by clicking on the highlighted/pulsating words within its folds. Doing so exhumes other, shorter notes the writer placed within the virtual letter, each one a different illustration of–perhaps–what drove the fictional victim to this ultimate negation of self. The interface, technological sounds, and brief animations when you mouse over certain texts combined with the ruined state of the materials create a forensic tone for the work, casting the reader in the role of an investigator. The poem may be zoomed in on, zoomed out from, flipped, rotated, dimmed, and made completely invisible–though doing any of the aforementioned does not seem to change the nature of the text at first glance.

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“Dim O’Gauble” by Andy Campbell

"Dim O'Gauble" by Andy Campbell. Intricate yellowish illustration resembling children's drawings overlain with parallax shadows of plant leaves. Text: "So don't go to bed, stay up sketching/Why would I blame you for doing the things/that I did when this happened to me?/"
Open “Dim O’Gauble” by Andy Campbell

“The Flat” by Andy Campbell

Screen shot from “The Flat” by Andy Campbell. The picture is surrounded by darkness except for a viewable glance of a staircase and at the top there is someone waiting. The text is in white in front of the staircases and is impossible to view.
Open “The Flat” by Andy Campbell

“Joyride” by Judi Alston and Andy Campbell

Screen capture of "Joyride" by Judi Alston and Andy Campbell. Inside view of a shattered windshield after an apparent hard collision. Text: "w(hole)"
Open “Joyride” by Judi Alston and Andy Campbell

“Spawn” by Andy Campbell

Screen shot from “Spawn” by Andy Campbell. Half of the picture’s background is white, the other half of the picture is a dark, gray and appears to be water. A jar is placed above that water and in the middle of the picture. The jar is upside down and inside the jar there seems to be a plant and some black circles blocking its view. The whole picture is black and white. Words and paragraphs appear beside the jar, on top and in front of it, but they are hardly viewable from this screenshot. Visible text: “Taste—o/ Taste/ Spawn”
Open “Spawn” by Andy Campbell

“FaceDown” by Andy Campbell

Screen capture from "FaceDown" by Andy Campbell. Distorted greyscale photograph of a face in profile. Only top half is visible. There is a tear in the image across the eye, resembling tears in VHS footage.
Open “FaceDown” by Andy Campbell

“The Dead Tower” by Andy Campbell and Mez Breeze

Screen shot from “The Dead Tower” by Andy Campbell and Mez Breeze. A screenshot of a cylycone form red and blue tower in a black and sinister surrounding. Only part of the tower is viewable and the rest is not because of the obscurity.
Open “The Dead Tower” by Andy Campbell and Mez Breeze