“Inside the House” by Adam Sylvain

Screen capture of "Inside the House" by Adam Sylvain. A dark hallway with some illuminated sections; an open door can be seen at the end. Text: "Dark gaze the form. / Darks trudge the depths. / stamp the limitless damp black - / Step trudges the ground. / Step walls the grounds. / stamp the limitless deformed deathly shadowed - / Openings thrust the maze. / Levels panic the echos. / progress through the damp deathly real - / Shape gazes the crazes. / Fears panic. / Echos yell. / Step ranges the things. / stamp the damp dark real -"
Open “Inside the House” by Adam Sylvain

Based on Mark Z. Danielewsky’s House of Leaves, this generative poem imagines an endless hallway inside of a house, the novel’s macguffin. In the novel, as Navidson discovers that a hallway inside his new house is larger than the external dimensions of the house itself, and it is growing, he organizes an expedition into its depths, spending days exploring it without adequately mapping it. This “Taroko Gorge” remix was written by a student of Mark Sample’s “Post Print Fiction” course, and the mashup of the two works is an appropriate exploration of infinity, bound by human limits. As you enter the labyrinth that is this poem, think about how personified this hallway seems to be and what it means to explore the depths of its twisty little passages.

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