“Underbelly” by Christine Wilks

Winner of the 2010 New Media Writing Prize, this work tells the story of women who make their lives by carving stone, be it for artistic sculpture or coal mining. Exquisitely researched historically, pictorially, and ethnographically, it weaves together these distinct strands to cast a spell upon readers who explore its interfaces. Initially, the work … Read more

“Rememori” by Christine Wilks

This poem about dementia through Alzheimer’s disease is structured through the use of a memory game. There’s a series of tiles with question marks that flip when selected, displaying an iconic image, text, or brief animation, accompanied by a question, usually about the person’s identity. Whenever you match a counter with the right one, it … Read more

“Tailspin” by Christine Wilks

Wilks uses a simple and elegant interface, sophisticated visuals, and delicately crafted soundscapes to draw readers into a moving poetic memoir. This work weaves in all these elements narratively and thematically to explore the troubled relation between a child and her father who suffers from tinnitus, probably from being overexposed to loud noises as a … Read more

“Fitting the Pattern” by Christine Wilks

This poetic memoir uses a simple interface to involve the reader in the unfolding of the text, deepening the connection with the material. The memory of her mother’s sewing, their relationship, the clothes her mother made for her, and how those clothes were ways of shaping her all come across strongly in the narrative. The … Read more

“[con]artist” by Randy Adams

This hypertext multimedia work by the late master remixer Randy Adams is an homage to the World Wide Web. Adams describes his impetus “to create a hypertext[url] Web art work that pays homage to the World Wide Web and, on the other hand, pokes some fun at it” and “to utilize and interpret, exclusively, text … Read more

I ♥ E-Poetry Games

The exploration of the expressive and communicative potential of language in digital media leads to a fruitful conversation with one of its most important native genres: the videogame. The entries listed below (in alphabetical order by author’s last name) all review works that use game or videogame structures to organize language to a variety of … Read more

Index: A to Z by Title

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z (Articles used in alphabetical listing) # “3 Proposals for Bottle Imps” by William Poundstone “4 Square” by Jody Zellen “5 Haitis” by Simon Kerr “6-string Aria” by Bill Marsh … Read more

New Media Writing Prize Shortlists

The New Media Writing Prize is an ongoing yearly competition started in 2010 that showcases original new media writing with their published shortlists for each competition. The editor, Michael Bhaskar, defines new media writing as a broad term for communicating information dynamically and interactively. URL:http://www.newmediawritingprize.co.uk/shortlist.html Publisher:One to One Development Trust/Dreaming Methods, Bournemouth University Years of … Read more

Avenues of Access exhibition at MLA 2013

“Avenues of Access” aims to show that because of its close connection to digital technologies, electronic literature, an art form, is both vibrant and evolving. -Dene Grigar, co-curator Reading spaces increasingly compel my attention as I think through what I find most novel and exciting about e-lit being made right now. Code works and locative … Read more

ELO 2012 Media Art Show

One answer that ties into the theme of the ELO 2012 conference is that such access and proximity to artists and their work raise my awareness of the affordances and constraints bound up in the technologies we use to produce our work… -Dene Grigar, “Curatorial Statement“ The 2012 Media Art Show took place with the Electronic Literature Organization’s … Read more