“Scholars Contemplate the Irish Beer” by Judy Malloy

This generative poem transports its readers to Ireland, and all the water, sunshine, green fields, agriculture, and magic that goes into brewing its world-famous beers. This work is populated by poets, scholars, musicians, the pooka— a mischievous, dark, shape-shifting fairy creature— fields, blue lakes, valleys, forests, and other shapes taken by the land. All the … Read more

“Scholars Contemplate the Irish Beer” por Judy Malloy

Este poema generativo transporta a sus lectores a Irlanda, y toda el agua, el sol, los campos verdes, la agricultura y la magia que entra en la elaboración de sus famosas cervezas. Esta obra está poblada por poetas, eruditos, músicos, pooka, traviesos, oscuros, cambiantes criaturas de hadas, lagos azules, valles, bosques y otras formas tomadas … Read more

Taroko Gorge y sus Remezclas

“Taroko Gorge,” el poema sobre la naturaleza de 2009 de Nick Montfort ha sido la inspiración para muchas remezclas de escritores, eruditos y estudiantes establecidos en todo el mundo. Inicialmente revisado por Leonardo Flores en febrero de 2012, durante el segundo Grupo de Trabajo de Estudios de Código Críticos, revisó los remixes citados en el … Read more

Índice: A a Z por Título

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z (Artículos usados en la lista alfabética) # “3 Proposals for Bottle Imps” por William Poundstone “4 Square” por Jody Zellen “5 Haitis” por Simon Kerr “6-string Aria” por Bill … Read more

I ♥ Bots

If you have been reading my daily entries on bots, and have explored the resource that compiles them, you may have noticed the great variety, sophistication, and artistry that characterizes this emergent genre. With these daily postings, I have tried to take a snapshot of a vibrant moment for this artistic and literary practice, knowing … Read more

“Save the Humanities (@SaveHumanities)” by Mark Sample

At face value this bot seeks solutions to what many call “the crisis of the Humanities” by offering “tips on how to stop the crisis in the humanities. Real solutions!” Its operation is conceptually straightforward: it completes a sentence template that begins with “To save the humanities, we need to” and then completes the sentence, … Read more

“Snowclone-a-Minute (@snowcloneminute)” by Bradley Momberger and “Pizza Clones (@pizzaclones)” by Allison Parrish

These two bots are based on the concept of snowclones, which are a linguistic phenomenon best described by Erin O’Connor in her wonderful blog and resource “The Snowclones Database.” A snowclone is a particular kind of cliche, popularly originated by Geoff Pullum. The name comes from Dr. Pullum’s much-maligned “If Eskimos have N words for … Read more

“Is it Art? (@IsItArtBot)” and “Why Can’t We Date? (@WhyCantWeDate)” by Patrick Rodriguez

These two bots generate responses to questions that have such subjective answers that no number of responses can really satisfy anyone, but do so in thought-provoking and amusing fashion. “Is it art?” explores the challenge to the art world posed by the readymade Dada sculpture “Fountain,” attributed to Marcel Duchamp. His gesture of sending a … Read more

“DiGRA Themes (@DiGRAThemes)” by Ian Bogost

What’s the topic and title for your next academic conference paper? If you were interested in submitting a proposal to The Digital Games Research Association (DiGRA) 2014 Conference but weren’t sure what to focus on, this bot was the one to follow because it tweets a suggestion every 15 minutes. And even though the deadline … Read more