“No Choice About the Terminology” by Jason Edward Lewis, Christian Gratton, Elie Zananiri and Bruno Nadeau.

This new entry in the PoEMM series was recently published as a free iOS app, following closely a redesigned website and a booklet documenting the series. Designed for touchscreen devices, this poem fills the screen with its lines scrolling from one side to another at different speeds and in different directions. Readers encountering this wall … Read more

“Know Poems” by Jason Edward Lewis, Bruno Nadeau, et. al.

  The first version of the Know app was named after, designed for, and published a single poem: Lewis’ “Buzz Aldrin Doesn’t Know Any Better.” For version 2.0, he commissioned five poets to produce new poems with the authoring system. Here are some noteworthy observations on how they mapped out the app’s parameters. David Jhave … Read more

“Speak Poems” by Jason Edward Lewis, Bruno Nadeau, Jim Andrews, David Jhave Johnston, J.R. Carpenter, and Aya Karpinska

“Speak Poems” by Jason Edward Lewis, Bruno Nadeau, Jim Andrews, David Jhave Johnston, J.R. Carpenter, and Aya Karpinska This suite of poems by several prominent writers in the e-lit community was written using the Speak app, an authoring system developed by Lewis and Nadeau. This is the first in the P.o.E.M.M series (Poems for Excitable … Read more

“Smooth Second Bastard” by Jason Edward Lewis

This poem is the fourth in the P.o.E.M.M. (Poem for Excitable [Mobile] Media) series, which explores iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) as a creative platform for poetic expression. Each work investigates meaningful interactions with this environment, such as arranging texts on the screen space for readers to discover with touch and dragging gestures (“Speak”), … Read more

“The Great Migration” by Jason Edward Lewis

  The theme of migration resonates powerfully through this poem because it can be conceptualized through so many different frames of reference. The most visual one is evoked by sperm-like word clusters swimming in the water-like screen space, a migration that results in death for most and survival through fertilization— which is also a radical … Read more

“What They Speak When They Speak to Me” by Jason Edward Lewis

Originally produced as an installation piece for large touchscreen monitors in 2007, this poem is now available as a free iOS App. This is the first of a series of poems that explore the expressive potential of touchscreen interfaces, called the P.o.E.M.M. project (Poems for Excitable [Mobile] Media). The Speak app features “What They Speak … Read more

The I ♥ E-Poetry Guide to “Electronic Literature & Its Emerging Forms”

Welcome to this guide focused on a key component in the Electronic Literature Showcase starting today at the Library of Congress. (Read Susan Garfinkel’s post at The Signal for more details on the event.) The exhibition, curated by Dene Grigar and Kathi Inman Berens, is the heart of the Showcase, crafting enlightening experiences for visitors … Read more

“Notes on the Voyage of Owl and Girl” by J.R. Carpenter

This generative work produces narratives about a mythical sea voyage undertaken by two characters, an owl and a girl. Framed over the gorgeous image an old sea map, each iteration of the story unfolds in a text that lasts 40 seconds before being generated anew, which is sufficient time for most readers to get to … Read more