“Alan Wake” por Remedy Entertainment

Alan Wae Trailer image

Alan Waker es un videojuego de survival horror lanzado para las plataformas Xbox 360 y Windows y desarrollado por Remedy Entertainment, una compañía finlandesa conocida principalmente por su serie de videojuegos Max Payne. En la trama del juego, un escritor de suspenso de gran éxito llamado Alan Wake está tratando de superar el bloqueo de dos … Read more

“[con]artist” by Randy Adams

This hypertext multimedia work by the late master remixer Randy Adams is an homage to the World Wide Web. Adams describes his impetus “to create a hypertext[url] Web art work that pays homage to the World Wide Web and, on the other hand, pokes some fun at it” and “to utilize and interpret, exclusively, text … Read more

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A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z (Articles used in alphabetical listing) # “3 Proposals for Bottle Imps” by William Poundstone “4 Square” by Jody Zellen “5 Haitis” by Simon Kerr “6-string Aria” by Bill Marsh … Read more

I Love Love E-Poetry

I ♥ E-Poetry is about love – for poetry in electronic and digital media, for poetry on and off the page, for poetry wherever it can be found, and more generally for what happens to language and literary expression in digital media. E-Poetry (using this most encompassing of definitions) is about many things, including love … Read more

“10:01” by Lance Olsen and Tim Guthrie

10:01 is a hypertext novel set in a movie theater during the ten minutes running up to the screening of the film. The text was published in 2005 in The Iowa Review Web. It consists of the image of a darkened cinema where black silhouettes sit in various rows. This image serves as one of … Read more

“Code Movie 1” by Giselle Beiguelman, with music by Helga Stein

Code-Movies #1 is an e-poetry project developed by Brazilian researcher and multimedia artist Giselle Beiguelman. The project integrates a series titled / / ** Code-UP, developed from 2004. / / ** Code-UP is an project based on algorithmic manipulation of images captured with mobile phones. The source of the images of / / ** Code-UP … Read more

Marble Springs

This hypertext narrative poem was written in HyperCard and published by Eastgate Systems in 1993. Using multiple interfaces and links, it tells the interconnected stories of the inhabitants of this small town in Colorado opening spaces for the readers to weave in their own narratives into the work. Its free verse lines use unadorned diction, paying careful … Read more


The BeeHive collection is eclectic — made up of original fiction, poetry and critical theory titles, hypermedia works, visual poetry and other forms of creative network practice […] it has evolved into an important resource for online literary media. -Talan Memmott BeeHive was first published in May of 1998 and was active until 2002. It has … Read more

“The Jew’s Daughter” by Judd Morrissey, with contributions by Lori Talley (Part 1 of 2)

The Jew’s Daughter (2000) suggests a postmodern interpretation of T. S. Eliot’s famous assertion in ‘Tradition and the Individual Talent’ – a melding of the timeless and the temporal in order for the poet, or, as in this case, the writer, to observe tradition and his own contemporaneity. Judd Morrissey’s take on the hypertext novel suggests this … Read more