“Frequently Asked Questions about ‘Hypertext'” by Richard Holeton

One should not allow the tone of “Frequently Asked Questions about ‘Hypertext’” mislead us into thinking that it is just a parody. The opening poem “Hypertext,” composed of seemingly random words arranged in three tercets, acquires meaning through the explanatory notes that are hidden in the different hyperlinks. And each of those hyperlinks might offer … Read more

“Frequently Asked Questions about ‘Hypertext'” por Richard Holeton

Frequently Asked Questions about "Hypertext" by Richard Holeton

No se debe permitir que el tono de “Frequently Asked Questions about ‘Hypertext’” nos induzca a error al pensar que es solo una parodia. El poema de apertura “Hypertext,” compuesto de palabras aparentemente aleatorias dispuestas en tres tercetos, adquiere significado a través de las notas explicativas que están ocultas en los diferentes hipervínculos. Y cada … Read more

The Electronic Literature Collection, Volume 1

El primer volumen de la Colección de Literatura Electrónica fue lanzado en febrero de 2006 por la Electronic Literature Organization (ELO). Contiene 60 obras en una amplia variedad de plataformas y géneros. Es la primera gran antología de literatura electrónica y muchas de las obras que se encuentran dentro se enseñan y han recibido abundante … Read more

Índice: A a Z por Título

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z (Artículos usados en la lista alfabética) # “3 Proposals for Bottle Imps” por William Poundstone “4 Square” por Jody Zellen “5 Haitis” por Simon Kerr “6-string Aria” por Bill … Read more


La colección BeeHive es ecléctica, compuesta por títulos originales de ficción, poesía y teoría crítica, obras hipermediales, poesía visual y otras formas de práctica de redes creativas, […] que se ha convertido en un recurso importante para los medios literarios en línea. -Talan Memmott BeeHive se publicó por primera vez en mayo de 1998 y … Read more

“Gabriella infinita” by Jaime Alejandro Rodríguez

Gabriella infinita (1999–) is a hypermedia narrative by Colombian author Jaime Alejandro Rodríguez. The narrative is presented via a rich array of lexia, images, and audio files, and we are not provided with established markers such a contents list or page numbers which would normally guide the reader through the conventional print novel. Instead, links … Read more

“Eveline, fragmentos de una respuesta” by Marina Zerbarini

Eveline, fragmentos de una respuesta [Eveline, Fragments of a Reply] (2004) is a hypertext narrative by Argentine author Marina Zerbarini. It takes its inspiration from two short stories by James Joyce – ‘Eveline’, and ‘A Painful Case’ (1914) – which Zerbarini uses as a springboard for creating a multimedia narrative that brings together photographic images, … Read more

American E-Poetry

What is American e-poetry? The first step towards a response is to delimit what is meant by “American.” For the purposes of this categorization, I will define it as e-literature created or co-created by authors born and/or raised in the United States of America. The focus on birth and/or national identity helps find common ground … Read more

What Is E-Poetry?

What is E-Poetry? The tl;dr version: E-poetry is poetry that arises from an engagement with the possibilities offered by digital media. This site is full of examples, but here’s a simple one: “Puddle” by Neil Hennessy. Now try printing it out. 🙂 For a more detailed response, I will reference my “Digital Poetry” entry for … Read more

“Alan Wake” by Remedy Entertainment

Alan Wake is a survival horror video game released for the Xbox 360 and Windows platforms and developed by Remedy Entertainment, a Finnish company known mostly for their Max Payne video game series. In the plot of the game, a best-selling thriller writer named Alan Wake is trying to overcome his two year writer’s block … Read more