“Deal With It” Meme by Matt Furie and You

“Deal with it” is a meme based on a popular phrase or expression that uses image macros and/or animated GIFs as a snarky response when someone else notes disapproval, most frequently used online forums or social networks. This meme is characterized by an image of an iconic person, celebrity, or event, accompanied by the descending … Read more

Genre: Bot

The bot is an e-lit genre that goes as far back as 1966 with Joseph Weizenbaum’s ELIZA, a chatterbot that engaged users in conversation through text entered and displayed in a computer terminal. This concept informed interactive fiction from the 1980s and has breathed life into video game characters ever since. Poetically, bots are also … Read more

“Times Haiku” by Jacob Harris and The New York Times

This program mines articles in the New York Times home page, and using a dictionary and syllable counting algorithm and a few filters, discover sentences that can be cut into the shape of a haiku. The output of this generator is vetted by NY Times journalists, who identify the best ones for publication in the … Read more

“Frequency” by Scott Rettberg and the machine (part 1 of 5)

The “Frequency” project is an investigation into Oulipian constraint-based writing in several levels: A linguistically determined lexicon of the 200 most frequently used words in the English language— an endeavor that is already built upon the constraint of the corpus that analysis is based upon: Oxford Online and Google have both famously made such analyses, with … Read more

“Uncontrollable Semantics (2012 edition)” by Jason Nelson

This hypertext responsive poem is built upon the framework developed for the original “Uncontrollable Semantics” but with two major differences. The first is that it is used to create a clearly more textual experience than the more abstract art original. The second is that it is published in HTML5 by converting the original Flash file … Read more

“Synonymovie” by Eugenio Tisselli

Is this a poem? Generative works that produce output labelled as poetry sometimes beg the question whether it really is or not. Poetry enjoys a cultural mystique that evokes reverence towards this literary mode and resistance to anything generated or somehow automated. After all, if a poem is a trail through the wilderness of thought … Read more