New Contributor: Claire Taylor

I am thrilled to welcome our new contributor, Claire Taylor, who brings great expertise to enhance our coverage of Latin American electronic literature. Claire Taylor is Professor of Hispanic Studies in the Department of Cultures, Languages and Area Studies at the University of Liverpool, UK. Her research specialisms include Latin American hypermedia narrative, net art, … Read more

New Contributor: Nohelia Meza

I ♥ E-Poetry welcomes its new contributor, Nohelia Meza. Nohelia Meza is a PhD candidate at the Department of Translation and Language Sciences, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona. She holds a BA in English from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), a MA in Audiovisual Translation from the University of Seville, and a MA in … Read more

New Contributor: Alvaro Seiça

I ♥ E-Poetry welcomes its new contributor, Álvaro Seiça. Álvaro Seiça is a writer, editor and researcher. He has published four poetry books, the most recent being ‘Ö’ (2014) and ‘permafrost: 20+1 zeptopoemas sms’ (2012). He holds an MA in Contemporary American Literature, with the thesis “Transduction: Transfer Processes in Digital Literature and Art” (University … Read more

New Contributor: Calum Rodger

I ♥ E-Poetry welcomes its new contributor, Calum Rodger. Calum Rodger is a poet, scholar and performer based in Glasgow, Scotland, currently completing his PhD thesis on the work of Scottish poet Ian Hamilton Finlay at the University of Glasgow. His research interests run the whole gamut of twentieth and twenty-first century experimental poetic practice, … Read more

2015 Call for Contributors

I ♥ E-Poetry is recruiting! We are seeking regular and guest contributors to continue with our mission of developing a current, scholarly, and approachable guide to electronic literature, one that can transcend beyond academic circles to more general audiences. I ♥ E-Poetry is seeks to explore the poetics of language wherever it is deployed in … Read more

Guest Contributor: Matt Schneider

I ♥ E-Poetry welcomes its newest guest contributor: Matt Schneider. Matt Schneider is a PhD candidate at the University of Toronto, where he studies digital materiality and print culture in his dissertation, RARchive Fever: The Materiality of Videogames. He has also amassed a small herd of Twitter Bots, including @MassageMcLuhan, @SketchCharacter, and @AlliterativAuto. We are … Read more

New Contributor: Lauren Pérez Mangonez

I ♥ E-Poetry welcomes its new contributor: Lauren Pérez Mangonez. Lauren Pérez is a certified teacher of English and Spanish, graduated from the Universidad Pedagógica Nacional de Colombia. She is a Research Assistant at the University of Puerto Rico (Mayagüez Campus), where she is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in English Education; her thesis … Read more

New Contributor: Jonathan Baillehache

I ♥ E-Poetry welcomes its new contributor, Jonathan Baillehache. Jonathan Baillehache is an Assistant Professor of French at the department of Romance Languages at the University of Georgia, where he teaches French Literature, Electronic Literature, and Video Games. His research focuses on translation studies and new media studies. His current book project explores the relationship … Read more

New Contributor: Bárbara Bordalejo

I ♥ E-Poetry welcomes its new regular contributor, an Argentinian scholar at the University of Saskatchewan, Bárbara Bordalejo. Bárbara Bordalejo is a digital humanist and a textual scholar with a background in English Literature. Her varied interests include digital literature and transmedia storytelling, as well as the transformational impact of digital culture on our ideas … Read more