“Justin Buber,” “Kantye West,” and “Kim Kierkegaardashian”

Screen capture of "Justin Buber." Twitter profile of @Justin_Buber displaying two of his most recent tweets; the avatar shows a picture of the pop singer Justin Bieber with Martin Buber's beard. Text: "Combining the pop stylings of Justin Bieber with the existential wisdom of philosopher Martin Buber / Every actual fulfillment of relation between people, means acceptance of otherness. Get your hands up if you're an out of town girl! / The bullies in the school yard can't take our hugs and our kisses from us -- no! -- for man is undone only by man's own doing."
Open “Justin Buber,” “Kantye West,” “Kim Kierkegaardashian”

These three anonymous Twitter accounts (@Justin_Buber, @KantyeW, and @KimKierkegaard, respectively) all find poetry in remixing the purest expression of high culture, philosophy, with perhaps the lowest expression of popular culture: the pop celebrity tweet.

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“@georgelazenby” by Anonymous

Open “@georgelazenby” by Anonymous

This Twitter account is part of an artistic and literary performance in social media, consisting of short poetic snippets of Surrealism, the absurd, textual, photographic, and video entries, dark humor, and links to the other component of the project, a Tumblr site aptly URL’d http://lazenby.tumblr.com (depicted below).

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“@Postmeaning” by David Knoebel (part 2 of 2)

Open “@Postmeaning” by David Knoebel (part 2 of 2)

Note: This is the second in a series of 2 postings on “Postmeaning.” Here’s a link to the first entry.

…stmeaning” also via Twitter, starting on June 11, 2011, providing a snippet of the 100 word text and a link to the note or audio file in the Facebook page. An interesting detail about the Twitter via Facebook publication is that it cuts the 100-word posting down to a aize Twitter could manage, including making room for the shortened link and ellipsis. This creates a secondary cut, one that isn’t designed by Knoebel, which potentially creates a new textual iteration which could be interpreted differently from the original. Perhaps this accounts for the shift to shorter entries on July 21, which creates a direct concordance between the Facebook and Twitter texts, while at the same time allowing them to develop different audiences by eliminating the link to the Facebook Page.

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“10 Print ebooks” by Mark Sample

Screen captures from "10 Print ebooks" by Mark Sample. Two small blocks of text in a white background. Text from box number one: "This was not interested in. Could easily be removed from years / afterward, purposeful designer" Text from box number two: "The value of purposeless play on computers. Bounded and the / player's in Asteroids can turn and fire in many first person games".
Open “10 Print ebooks” by Mark Sample

This Twitter bot generates tweets using two data sets: the text of the MIT Press book 10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)); : GOTO 10 and any tweets with the #10print hashtag. The generator uses a Markov chain process to analyze a text and determine the probability of any word following another to generate a new string of words that resembles the original and publishes it on Twitter. Here are some examples:

Screen capture from "10 Print ebooks" by Mark Sample. Five small blocks of text in a white background. Text from box number one: "The shape of the original. Possible to dictate the twisted line up / in 1999 by the supposed game rationality of the game aesthetics today." Text from Box number two: "Only recently have the meanings of random numbers". Text from box number three: "One Hundred Thousand Billion Poems, Strachey is dismissive of / his writing, lectures,  and classes". Text from Box number four: "Instead, The Maze War is poorly for studying telephone / book". Text from Box number five: "Once The original".

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[Apocryphal @samplereality] by Anonymous


On January 31, 2013, Mark Sample’s Twitter account, @samplereality, went missing under mysterious circumstances involving a Dutch hitchiker, a very old book, and a fictitious closing of Dulles airport (read the previous entry for a more detailed account). His other social media accounts went silent also, and for a few days no one heard from him through those networks.

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“@samplereality” by Mark Sample

Open “@samplereality” by Mark Sample

Mark Sample has disappeared from Twitter, or has he? The link above leads to an archive of all his Tweets, which reference his final tweets, ostensibly from a Dulles airport that was sealed up by FEMA, including a link to an video of him sending a message to his wife and family, that “the book is not what they think it is.” What is this book and what is the whole situation about?

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“The Ballad of Workstudy Seth” by Mark C. Marino

Screen shot from “The Ballad of Workstudy Seth” by Mark C. Marino. Gray background with black text. Text: “Marino haz resortd 2 idol threatz from othr peoplz fazebook & twittR accountz. VERY Agent Smith, but he cant stop the ONE: #workstudyseth… (ETC)”
Open “The Ballad of Workstudy Seth” by Mark C. Marino