“Galactic Tides by Night” by Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries

“Taroko Gorge” by Nick Montfort

Screen shot from “ Taroko Gorge” by Nick Montfort. Green background with part of a poem in white letters. Text: “The crag commands the ripplings./ Shape trails the rock./ track the tough objective clear dim -/ Brow commands the cove./ The crags hum./ Mists exercise the veins./ translate the rough objective clear dim - / Layers command the basins./ Shapes rest./ Mists trail the rock./ track the sinuous –“ In the right  corner of the picture there are words that read “Taroko Gorge/ Nick Montfort.” The title of the work in light green and the name of the author in blue.
Open “Taroko Gorge” by Nick Montfort

“Toucher” by Serge Bouchardon, Kevin Carpentier, and Stéphanie Spenlé

“New Word Order: Basra” by Sandy Baldwin

Screen capture of "New Word Order: Basra" by Sandy Baldwin. First-person shooter video game-like image.