“American Ghosts” por Alan Bigelow

“Slipping Glimpse” por Stephanie Strickland, Cynthia Lawson Jaramillo, y Paul Ryan

“Plaintext Performance” por Bjørn Magnhildøen

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“The Sweet Old Etcetera” por Allison Clifford

Screen capture from "The Sweet Old Etcetera" by Allison Clifford. Landscape with red skies, two white clouds, a withered tree and some hills composed of lines of text too small to read.
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“Stud Poetry” por Marko Niemi

Screen shot from “Stud Poetry” by Marko Niemi. This picture has almost the same design as a computer card game. The background is green  and there are cards with diamonds, hearts and clovers on them. Beside each card’s symbol there is a word: “man, musk, musk, dark, incense, fresh, incense”.  There is a white text below the cards : “It is your turn now, William Blake”.
“Stud Poetry” por Marko Niemi

“Like Stars in a Clear Night Sky” por Sharif Ezzat

Screen capture of "Like Stars in a Clear Night Sky" by Sharif Ezzat. A cropped poem over a black background. Text: "(incomplete)"
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