“Taroko Gary” por Leonardo Flores

Abre “Taroko Gary” por Nick Montfort

“Plaintext Performance” por Bjørn Magnhildøen

Abrir “Plaintext Performance” por Bjørn Magnhildøen

“Taroko Gorge” por Nick Montfort

Screen shot from “ Taroko Gorge” by Nick Montfort. Green background with part of a poem in white letters. Text: “The crag commands the ripplings./ Shape trails the rock./ track the tough objective clear dim -/ Brow commands the cove./ The crags hum./ Mists exercise the veins./ translate the rough objective clear dim - / Layers command the basins./ Shapes rest./ Mists trail the rock./ track the sinuous –“ In the right  corner of the picture there are words that read “Taroko Gorge/ Nick Montfort.” The title of the work in light green and the name of the author in blue.
Abrir“Taroko Gorge” por Nick Montfort

“Semantic Disturbances” por Andreas Jacobs

Abrir “Semantic Disturbances” por Andreas Jacobs

“Stud Poetry” por Marko Niemi

Screen shot from “Stud Poetry” by Marko Niemi. This picture has almost the same design as a computer card game. The background is green  and there are cards with diamonds, hearts and clovers on them. Beside each card’s symbol there is a word: “man, musk, musk, dark, incense, fresh, incense”.  There is a white text below the cards : “It is your turn now, William Blake”.
“Stud Poetry” por Marko Niemi