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This publication seeks to call the readers’/viewers’ attention to the fecundity of the WWW as a meeting ground. In my estimation the works herein tell this tale with a supreme eloquence and illustrate the richness of a gathering place which may bring diverse types together and help to illustrate their essential commonality: creation.

–Claire Allan Dinsmore, “INCEPTION

Cauldron & Net (1999-2002) is a Web-based journal of e-poetry, alternative art, visual poetry, and poetic work published by editor Claire Allan Dinsmore. Now defunct, its website is still hosted online and remains as a valuable snapshot of e-literature created in the turn of the 21st century. The works featured are primarily in the following formats: animated GIF, Flash, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript.

There’s an open CFP to cover the works not yet reviewed. Contact the editor if you’re interested in writing about one of these works.

URLCauldron & Net
Publisher & Editor: Claire Allan Dinsmore
Years of Publication: Vol 1 (1999), Vol 2 (2000), Vol 3 (2001), Vol 4 (2002)

Works Reviewed

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

Volume 4


Works Not Reviewed 

Volume 1

Volume 2

  • Power Moves,” by Deena Larson
  • Pi” by Duc Thuan
  • GSM.Art” by intima
  • Sketches on a Napkin” by Jeanette Lambert and Raquel Rivera
  • 5 Poems” by Stephen Dignazio
  • “Listening to Rain” by Thomas Bell — I can’t open the link to it, however.

Volume 3

Resource created by Leonardo Flores, Cynthia Román, and Ian Rolón.