ELO 2012 Media Art Show

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ELO 2012 Media Art Show
ELO 2012 Media Art Show

One answer that ties into the theme of the ELO 2012 conference is that such access and proximity to artists and their work raise my awareness of the affordances and constraints bound up in the technologies we use to produce our work…

-Dene Grigar, “Curatorial Statement

The 2012 Media Art Show took place with the Electronic Literature Organization’s conference titled “Electrifying Literature: Affordances and Constraints” in Morgantown, WV from June 20-23. It showcased more than 55 artists of Electronic Literature and its website is a great companion to the Electronic Literature Collections (Volume 1 & Volume 2) because “in addition to selecting 43 outstanding works for the Media Arts Show (from a pool of 106 submissions), the curators arranged for a Jury’s Choice Award and five Retrospectives (which add about 48 more works to the show) to honor both outstanding new pieces and the body of work of some of the most talented practitioners of electronic literature, respectively” (Flores, “The ELO 2012 Media Arts Show: A Retrospect“).

There’s an open CFP to cover the works not yet reviewed. Contact the editor if you’re interested in writing about one of these works.

Publisher:Electronic Literature Organization
:Dene Grigar and Sandy Baldwin
Years of Publication:2012

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