The Electronic Literature Collection, Volume 1

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The first volume of the Electronic Literature Collection was launched in February 2006 by the Electronic Literature Organization (ELO). It contains 60 works in a wide variety of platforms and genres. It is the first major anthology of electronic literature and many of the works within are taught and have received abundant and well deserved critical attention.It was reviewed in this blog on January 26, 2012 after reading all the e-poems within (38 works). Contributors Bárbara Bordalejo and Samira Nadkarni are currently reading the remaining works, and there’s an open CFP to cover them as well. Contact the editor if you’re interested in writing about one of these works.
Publisher: Electronic Literature Organization
:  N. Katherine HaylesNick Montfort, Scott RettbergStephanie Strickland
Years of Publication: 2006

 Works Reviewed

 Works Not Reviewed 

 Resource created by Leonardo Flores, Cynthia Román, and Ian Rolón.