The Team


I ♥ E-Poetry began as a solo writing performance: a 500 consecutive daily reading and writing tour-de-force that allowed me to develop my voice as a critic, develop an audience, and build a knowledge base of short-form scholarship on digital poetry and poetics. During this stage of the project (retroactively dubbed Phase 1), the “I” in the title referred to me.

After winning 1st runner up honors in the 2012 DH Awards I felt that the project would benefit from having an Advisory Board, and was honored to enlist three talented artists and scholars in the field. Our productive conversation has resulted in the launching of a new phase for the project, a call for contributors to assemble a team, and multiple calls for postings to guide our critical surveying activities. The “I” in the title now refers to each and every member of the team. And you.

The Team

Publisher, Editor, and Writer

Advisory Board



  • Fall 2013
  • Spring 2014:
    • Ian Rolón
    • Yaisha S. Cordero
    • Juan C. Kuang
    • Pedro Noel Doreste
    • Juan Arturo Colón
    • Emanuel De Leon
    • Hector López

Interested in joining the team? Check out the (still open) call for regular contributors or contact me if you’d like to discuss a separate arrangement.