Submission Guidelines

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The short version: If you’re an experienced reader of I ♥ E-Poetry, you’ve probably gleaned what this project is all about and know what to do. Read no further and get to it!

If you’re new to the project or would like to confirm your intuition with a visual model, look at the “Anatomy of an I ♥ E-Poetry Entry” and read these detailed guidelines:

  • Choosing a work:
    • This project is focused on e-poetry as a genre, as a form, and as a perspective that can be applied to other works of electronic literature that may not be poems, per se. (See Jacobson on the “poetic function” of language.)
    • Choose works that are available online, or have good documentation and/or promos.
    • Make sure the work hasn’t been written about already in this blog.
    • Choose works in English, in English translation, or those that can be appreciated even with a language barrier.
  • Audience:
    • Primary: people interested but perhaps unfamiliar with e-literature.
    • Secondary: experienced readers and specialists.
    • Language: English-speaking audience. Justify reading untranslated works.
  • Methodology:
    • Close attention to the work is key as described in “Close Reading 2.0.”
    • Critical approaches: media specific analysis, critical code studies, software and platform studies, etc.
  • Style:
    • The tone should be positive– the project’s goal is to invite readers to read e-literature.
    • Don’t give too much away. Think of your entry as a “critical teaser” (thanks Patricia) inviding readers to explore the work.
    • Be brief: entries should aim for 100-250 words (at most 500 words). If you have more to say, consider writing a series.
  • Series:
    • Reserved for important, lengthy, multi-faceted, or particularly complex works.
    • The divisions should be structured and planned, with a thematic, methodological, or narrative arc.
    • Examples: Frequency, Agrippa, Marble Springs.

Formatting your entry:

  • The title of the posting should follow this format: “Title” by Author
  • There should be a link to the work (or its documentation) in the same format as the title.
  • Insert an evocative left-justified screen-captured image (or video) between 250-300 pixels tall. Width can vary.
  • Write your entry.
  • Tag your work by: author, programming language(s) / authoring software, year, publication and/or exhibition, textual behaviors.
  • Categorize your work as an Entry.

Review Process:

  • Once submitted, I may:
    • review the entry
    • request revisions
    • make brief edits
    • connect work to the ELMCIP Knowledge Base
    • schedule entry for publication
  • This is a recursive process, which will cycle through as long as necessary to get the entry to publication standards.
  • I reserve the right to turn down a submitted entry if unsatisfied with it or its revisions.

I look forward to our conversation!