“Insects” by Pedro Valdeolmillos and Lluís Calvo

Screen capture of "Insects" by Pedro Valdeolmillos and Lluís Calvo. A winged insect is superimposed over blurred pictures of other insects. Text: "Insects"
Open “Insects” by Pedro Valdeolmillos and Lluís Calvo

This collaborative poem randomly arranges lines of verse by Lluís Calvo over an image in a page space designed to explore its signal-to-noise ratio. There are three types of noise designed into this space: randomized line placement, a window size too small to read all the lines simultaneously, and an image at a zoom level too close to be apprehended. This requires readers to use its awkward interface to navigate the page space on a two dimensional plane, and to zoom in and out to find a workable signal to noise ration in which one can both view the image and read the text. The work is designed to frustrate the desire for a perfect setting, and so the reader must flutter about like a moth drawn to a flame. Calvo’s lines of verse engage the image thematically and are compelling in the images they evoke, all adding up to a surprisingly coherent experience and meaningful interaction.

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