I ♥ E-Poetry Fall 2013 Interns

Cynthia Román and Ian Rolón
Fall 2013 Interns: Cynthia Román and Ian Rolón

During the Fall 2013 semester, I ♥ E-Poetry was graced by its first generation of interns: students enrolled in an interdisciplinary course titled INTD 4995, which I titled “Digital Humanities Internship.” The two remarkable students enrolled in this course had to complete a series of tasks which helped restore I ♥ E-Poetry to full functionality and expanded its resources. In exchange, they earned college credits for learning and developing 21st century skills in the Digital Humanities. Here’s a list of the tasks assigned to them.

And here are the interns, listed in alphabetical order: Ian Rolón and Cynthia Román.

1461800_10152029286990358_1478967298_nIan Rolón is a graduate of the Bachelor of Arts in English Literature program at the University of Puerto Rico: Mayaguez Campus and is currently pursuing a teaching certification to further his studies. Ian is a published writer of poetry, and avid reader of all things fantasy and sci-fi, and currently working on far too many novels than he would care to admit. He lives in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico and, like all authors, finds talking about himself in the third-person slightly off-putting.

Ian worked on the following pages:


Cynthia RomanCynthia Román is an undergraduate student at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Campus currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and a secondary school teaching certificate.

Pages Worked on:

Thank you both for your hard work and dedication!