“Mobilestabile” by Ricardo Aleixo

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Mobile Stabile by Ricardo Aleixo
“Mobilestabile” by Ricardo Aleixo

Ricardo Aleixo, Brazilian poet, musician and performer is one of those artists who do not fit into labels. Attentive to media art, poetry, music and performance transformations, Aleixo weaves his poetic textures with diverse elements that often converge in the digital media. Openly interested in the poiesis, his eclectic performances are not restricted to poem reading. In these performances poetry, dance, music and multimedia projection go scene with the performer’s body. As such performance presentations are ephemeral and unique, it need to be recorded on video, edited and expanded with the introduction of sound and visual inserts to be published later.

Mobilestabile” (2008) is a kind of videopoem result of editing image fragments taken from some performer’s previous works recorded through most varied devices. In that “radiovideoart” the sound samples is composed of radio mixed locutions with the sound effects generated by the insertion of some objects like paper and styrofoam in the space between the digital recorder microphones. This unusual Aleixo´s creative method, simultaneously creates a soundtrack and an image sequence whose chaotic temporal instability prevents the semantic and discursive work closing.

The Ricardo Aleixo poetic performances explore the boundaries between the visuality and sonority of the written word. Photographic images of different places and sounds recorded directly from the urban environment, constant elements in Aleixo´s performances, cause tension within the limits of the language code that floats between the informational media and the fields of primary orality. Another important formative element of Aleixo’s poetic are their roots and his black culture. For the artist, his ancestors orality, dance and songs are the main motivators of his creative desire that seeks an alliance between the human body perceptive technologies and the spoken and written word informational technologies.