New Contributor: Bárbara Bordalejo

Bárbara Bordalejo
Bárbara Bordalejo, PhD

I ♥ E-Poetry welcomes its new regular contributor, an Argentinian scholar at the University of Saskatchewan, Bárbara Bordalejo.

Bárbara Bordalejo is a digital humanist and a textual scholar with a background in English Literature. Her varied interests include digital literature and transmedia storytelling, as well as the transformational impact of digital culture on our ideas of authorship and copyright. She advocates data-sharing through creative commons licences without commercial restrictions. Bárbara teaches digital literature, new media, and English and American literature at the University of Saskatchewan and is a member of the executive of Global Outlook :: Digital Humanities.

Her textual scholarship background will shine through in her readings as she explores “the idea of e-literature as a creative enterprise and a very different expressive form.” Bienvenida al equipo!