I ♥ E-Poetry Phase 2: The Next 500 Entries

I ♥ E-Poetry is back!

Of course, it was never gone, but taking a much needed break from its first phase: a blogging performance that lasted 500 consecutive days. Thinking back on that phase, a few points stand out:

  • It was a solo critical writing performance, designed to expand my knowledge, showcase my expertise, and develop my voice as a scholar.
  • It was initially focused on e-poetry as a genre, excluding other genres like hypertext fiction and purely narrative works.
  • It gradually broadened its focus to explore e-literature in general, from a poetic perspective.
  • The first 500 entries are now being shaped as a manuscript for a book (and/or e-book).

What started as a personal project rapidly developed an audience, led to publication opportunities, formed partnerships, received a DH Awards nomination resulting in 1st runner up honors, and attracted international attention. In order to best serve its growing audience, I created an Advisory Board and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Their ideas, guidance, perspective have led to a reconceptualization of the project, opening it up to other genres of electronic literature, inviting collaboration and guest contributions through various CFP, and freeing me from daily writing to take on a more editorial role in its production.

And today, we return to our labors by launching a new phase in the I ♥ E-Poetry project: The Next 500. Here are some of its salient characteristics:

  • It’s a collaborative effort, informed by multiple voices, sensibilities, and expertise.
  • It’s open to guest contributions (yes, I’m looking at you).
  • It will explore multiple topical threads simultaneously.
  • Its focus is broad, to explore the e-poetics of language wherever it may occur.
  • It will no longer follow a daily entry constraint, adjusting to the rhythms of the academic year.
  • It will last for another 500 entries, which should take approximately 2 years to complete.

Over the next few days, I’ll be posting a few more Calls for Postings (CFP) and will announce who has joined the team as Regular Contributors (the call is still open, if you’re interested in applying). And we’ll start to read some e-poetry.