I ♥ E-Poetry and ELMCIP Knowledge Base Partnership

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Image links to I ♥ E-Poetry @ ELMCIP KB.

I ♥ E-Poetry and the ELMCIP Knowledge Base are now synchronized.

The ELMCIP Knowledge Base (KB) is a database that connects writers, creative works, critical writing, publications, and events. It is developed by Scott Rettberg and the Electronic Literature Research Group at the University of Bergen, in Norway, and expanded by an international community of scholars.

The KB and I ♥  E-Poetry have long been attuned, cross referencing  and creating records for works reviewed in this project. Many descriptions, screenshots, and information in the KB are drawn from I ♥ E-Poetry and some of the data from the KB has informed the metadata in I ♥ E-Poetry. Early on, Scott Rettberg added the ability to link back to the I ♥ E-Poetry entry on a given work, reciprocated in all the blog entries with the following image:


While Scott and I created the frameworks for integration, the most important contribution is actually entering the data, in both resources. Several members from the Electronic Literature Research Group have helped in this, among them Patricia Tomaszek, Eric Dean Rasmussen, Jill Walker Rettberg, Davin Heckman, and others, but none more than Hannelen Leirvag. Hannelen is a senior in the Digital Culture program at UiB and was my student in the Electronic Literature course in the Fall 2012 semester. Given administrator access to both resources, she put in long hours creating records, adding information to tags in both resources, linked KB records with I ♥ E-Poetry entries and viceversa, and helped debug both systems for optimal functionality. Her dedication and hard work have benefitted both projects immensely, for which I am extremely grateful.

What can we do with this integration? For starters, it allows me (and others) to extract data from the KB to create data visualizations, such as the ones below. Click on the images to visit the data visualizations.

Author, Work, Year Visualization
I Love E-Poetry AWYT
Author, Work, Year, Tag Visualization

These published tools allow readers to see I ♥ E-Poetry through the ELMCIP KB’s eyes (so to speak), offering search tools, and a visual mapping that encourages exploration of different connections and affinities between authors, works, years, and tags (nodes). A little time spent searching, clicking through links, and mapping out the complex web of relations between nodes should lead to insight and discovery.

And this is only the beginning. I have received institutional support for the Fall 2013 semester in the shape of a research release time to continue developing I ♥ E-Poetry, and through an internship course, where I will have 2 students working with me to continue developing both resources. Their first mission, to update all the links to I ♥ E-Poetry entries in the ELMCIP Knowledge Base, changing them from leonardoflores.net addresses to ones in iloveepoetry.com.

In the meantime, enjoy the resources and visualizations, and stay posted for future developments and partnerships!

And my heartfelt thanks to the ELMCIP KB  team for their generous support!