“Sooth (part 2 of 3)” by David Jhave Johnston

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Note: “Weeds” and “Body” are part of a suite of 6 love poems titled “Sooth” that use the same interface, each of which has its own tone and strategies. In order to best represent them, I will write a posting on poems in this suite each day, starting on February 12 and concluding on Valentine’s Day 2012.


This poem is all about texture, of textiles, of skin, of eyelashes, of words, of emotions growing beyond the speaker’s ability or desire to control them. The word choices and pacing of the line-by-click delivery set you up for tonal shifts that are both shocking and shockingly tender.


This sexy poem with a minimalist background video of what could be a landscape or the curve of a body delivers lines worth reading non-linearly. In other words: don’t click through too quickly, or you may miss the pleasures of seeing new stanzas develop before your eyes.