“@ILoveEPoetry: A Break Bot” by Leonardo Flores

"@ILoveEPoetry: A Break Bot" by Leonardo Flores. A word cloud of words and concepts associated with E-Poetry. Text: "lines / poem / piece / aural / static / responsive / words / narrative / text / screen / works / image / code / language / (etc.)"
Open “@ILoveEPoetry: A Break Bot” by Leonardo Flores

This Twitter bot has has been designed to automatically post an I ♥ E-Poetry entry once an hour. If you’re interested in exploring other works reviewed or reliving the excitement (!!!) of each entry, then this is the account to follow. It should take this bot about 21 days to tweet the whole project— which is just right for my current needs.

After 500 consecutive days of reading and writing about e-poetry, I’m taking a much-needed break.

But no worries, this is far from over. This is simply a pause before embarking upon the next stage of this project. In the meantime, I’ll be conducting some assessment, redesigning some aspects of the blog, migrating it to a new site, integrating it with the ELMCIP Knowledge Base, inviting guest entries, and more.

See you in three weeks!