Why E-Books and Kindles don’t innovate writing.

Thanks to the recent popularity of the American Chopper Argument meme, I was inspired to create this bit of e-lit geekery (and translated it to Spanish).

If you’re new to electronic literature and curious to learn more, you’ve come to the right place!

This website contains over 700 entries on a variety of works of e-literature. The Resources menu has a a few organized collections and the Categories pull down menu on the sidebar will lead to discovering works created with different technologies and in many different genres. There’s even a page dedicated to defining electronic poetry.

If you have 14 minutes, you might want to watch my TEDx talk and get a quick and friendly overview of the concept. For a longer and more in-depth history of the field that shows ways in which you are already reading and creating e-literature, check out my lecture “Third Generation Electronic Literature.”

And if you’re hooked on the concept and want to start reading some e-lit, you must go read the Electronic Literature Collection and get to know the Electronic Literature Organization.

If you’re interested in my research on electronic literature, visit my blog. Thanks for reading