“Zig and Zag” by Sérgio Caparelli and Ana Cláudia Gruszynski.

Open “Zig and Zag” by Sérgio Caparelli and Ana Cláudia Gruszynski.

Zig and Zag” is one of ten ciberpoems created by the writer Sérgio Capparelli and the graphic designer Ana Cláudia Gruszynski for “Ciberpoesia” website that features a series of 28 visual poems created by the Brazilian duo. Like “Bembo’s Zoo,” this is more than just digital versions for visual poems also published in a printed book, the ciberpoems of Capparelli and Gruszynski has an important educational role, it catches the interest of children and youth for digital poetry through creative and stimulating presentation.

In “Zig and Zag”, a mesh consisting of the words zig and zag repeated and overlapping each other forming two fishes that moves incessantly on a blue screen that simulates an aquatic environment. In the poem, between the movements of two fish emerge six verses (my translation):

zig and zag went out
without direction
is here
not here
and disappeared on the horizon
without reaching the conclusion


The poem created in Flash programming is designed with simplicity and stylized lines. The grace of shapes and subtlety movements of the two characters mistaken for the verses, are their greatest asset because they delight and stimulate readers (young in years and of heart) to venture into the wonderful universe of digital poetry.

Featured in: Children’s E-Literature.