“glitch[META] ~(=^‥^) (@storyofglitch)” by @thricedotted

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Open “glitch[META] ~(=^‥^) (@storyofglitch)” by @thricedotted
This bot is “@thricedotted’s twittercat,” a virtual pet that interacts with them and its followers by doing the things cats do. Sometimes it meows or purrs, sometimes it describes actions, such as “*leaves dissected animals on the front step*” and

These tweets occur on a seemingly random timer, but you can always get a reaction by interacting with it. For example, if you follow it on Twitter, it will follow you. If you address it, it responds.

So basically, it’s a trés jolie chat bot. But there’s more, because this isn’t just randomly selecting interactions from a prewritten data set, as I discovered when reading this tweet from @thricedotted:

So there’s more complexity to this bot than what seems when you simply read its output, which would be surprisingly diverse, even if we didn’t know that the bot is powered by an API search of  tweets (probably by search terms “cat,” “kitten,” etc.) by people who share experiences of their cats on Twitter.

The emoji cat in this bot’s name, “glitch[META] ~(=^‥^),” reinforces the human-mediated representation of this cat, all of which happen through language, be it typographical, onomatopoeic, descriptive, narrative, or poetic. And thanks to its data source, its behavior is just as unpredictable, surprising, charming, and cute as having a real cat. And fortunately, because we know cats are unable to type (at least not in a way that deliberately produces language :-), there won’t be any nonsense about it passing the Turing Test.

This bot is a fitting tribute to the true masters of the Internet: cat lovers.

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