I ♥ E-Poetry Visitor Location

Locations Stats from May 2013 to December 2013
Visits to I ♥ E-Poetry (at http://iloveepoetry.com) using WordPress pageview data from May to December 2013, click on image to see Google Analytics visualization based on site visits.

To follow up on yesterday’s entry celebrating I ♥ E-Poetry’s second anniversary, I’d like to share some data about where our readers come from. In the visualization above, we can see some of the top locations calculated from May 2 to December 23, 2013. It is important to note two things: the report generated by the WordPress Jetpack plugin are based on pageviews, which is a higher number from site visits, in part because visitors tend to visit at least two pages, on average. The visualization below is generated by Google Analytics and is based on site visits to http://leonardoflores.net (the old I ♥ E-Poetry URL) from December 2011 to July 2013.

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I ♥ E-Poetry: Year Two Retrospective

iloveepoetry logo

I ♥ E-Poetry is two years old!

When I started this project back in December 19, 2011 I thought of it as a kind of public annotated bibliography of electronic poetry, powered by a simple, yet ambitious constraint: to read an e-poem and write a brief entry about it every day. And I did it for 500 consecutive days— what I now call phase 1 of the project. Along the way, I started to cultivate a steadily growing readership, almost won an award, recruited an advisory board, formed a partnership with the ELMCIP Knowledge Base, reconceptualized and relaunched the project, joined the Consortium of Electronic Literature (CELL), and attracted a team of contributors and interns to help me develop I ♥ E-Poetry.

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“Minicontos Coloridos” by Marcelo Spalding et al.

Screen capture from Minicontos Coloridos 1 by Marcelo Spalding et al. On a white background,the title is "Minicontos Coloridos." "Minicontos" is colored black and "Coloridos" is in multicolor. Smaller text in black follows.
Open “Minicontos Coloridos” by Marcelo Spalding, et. al.

Minicontos Coloridos  is a collaborative project conceived by Brazilian journalist, writer and teacher Marcelo Spalding in 2013. The short tales are structurally and conceptually associated with colors in a playful way. To access the stories, the reader should mix the primary RGB colors through a pull down menu available on the website in HTML which hosts the tales interface. The website offers three blending options for each of the three primary colors, totaling 27 short tales.

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“myBALL” by Shawn Rider

Screen capture of "myBALL" by Shawn Rider. Blue background with white text and a picture of a boy holding a red ball on the right side of the shot.
Open “myBALL” by Shawn Rider

myBALL is a Flash based mock product site that satirizes a kind of sales pitch commonly found in the web. By clicking the initial slogan “The future of robotic toys is now” we enter the wonderful world of corporate parody and get to know myBALL.

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