“The Pines at Walden Pond” by Deena Larsen

Screen capture from “The Pines at Walden Pont” by Deena Larsen. Half of the screen capture’s background is black and the other is white. On the black side (which is to the left) there is the title of the poem in green and something that looks like green grass growing downwards the bottom of the page. On the white background there is a green-colored text: “Centers around me/ I lie here/ as if the pines care/ about my job lost/ so many centuries back,/ or the fact that I have/ no money for food.”
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“White Room” by David Knoebel

“White Room” by David Knoebel

“How I Heard It” by David Knoebel

Screen capture from "How I Heard It" by David Knoebel. A 3x3 alignment of circles under the work's title and author. Text: "David Knoebel / How I Heard It"
Open “How I Heard It” by David Knoebel

“Realization Randomatic 2000” by Ted Warnell

Open “Realization Randomatic 2000” by Ted Warnell

“Bus” and “Evening: 42 to 71” by David Hadbawnik

“Bus” and “Evening: 42 to 71” by David Hadbawnik

“Incarnation: The Heart of the Maze” by Carolyn Guertin

Screen capture of "Incarnation: The Heart of the Maze" by Carolyn Guertin. Sections from a maze displayed on a black background. Text: "Tap tap tap / (12 lines too small to read)"
Open “Incarnation: The Heart of the Maze” by Carolyn Guertin

“Chu Ta” by Thomas Bell

“Chu Ta” by Thomas Bell

“Mechanical Bride” by Ted Warnell

Screen capture of "Mechanical Bride" by Ted Warnell. Lines of code over black background. Text: "(too small to read)"
Open “Mechanical Bride” by Ted Warnell

“Eclipse Louisiana” by M.D. Coverley

Screen capture “Eclipse Louisiana” by M.D. Coverley.  Red moon atop a black background, words below. Text: "eclipse: what makes the moon. Well, we stopped and got out of the car too. I was suddenly bewitched, I guess, by/-dragged Craig over to the old, closed/up shack, started babbling on about/look newmoon/ crescentmoon/ waxingmoon/ gibbousmoon/ fullmoon/miss disseminatingmoon/ waningmoon/ darkmoon Eclipse Louisiana.
Open “Eclipse Louisiana” by M.D. Coverley

“GIF Poems” by Komninos Zervos

Screen capture from "GIF Poems" by Komninos Zervos. Part of a poem headlined "kidzstory" whose verses vary in font style, sizes, and colors. Text: "kidzstory / in a land before time / down by a river / habitated by mutants / a brave warrior / and a golden goose / who was loved by / a handsome prince / they fought a bitter battle / and happiness ruled the earth."
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