“88 Constellations for Wittgenstein” by David Clark

“Welcome to Pine Point” by The Goggles

Screen capture from "Welcome to Pine Point" by The Goggles. Sky blue background with a hand in the foreground dropping a pencil-like object. Various lines of text to the left of the image but it is too small to read.
Open “Welcome to Pine Point” by The Goggles

This award-winning Web documentary about a short-lived mining town in Canada made the 2011 New Media Writing Award shortlist. A masterful, lovingly produced piece is challenging to categorize in terms of genre: is it a video (its interactivity and born-digital ontology make it difficult to label as “film”), memoir, narrative, poem, or an artistic website? As a multimedia work (using audio, video, text, images) that requires multimodal engagement (reading, listening, viewing, interaction) from its audience, it is fittingly multi-generic.

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