[Swift File Icon] by Apple Inc.

Swift filetype icon. (Image via TUAW)
Swift filetype icon. Click to enlarge.
(Image via TUAW)

On 2 June, at the annual Apple Worldwide Developer’s Conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced Swift, a new programming language created for the development of Apple software. The new language brought with it a new filetype—the .swift file—which itself came with a new icon. As with all things Apple, the Swift icon was quickly dissected, and it was discovered that the icon for Swift files contained a variant of the text of Apple’s famous Think Different ads, which first aired in 1997. The “Think Different” speech has appeared peppered throughout Apple’s software: as Yoni Heisler notes in his article for The Unofficial Apple Weblog, the text of the speech has appeared in icons for Apple’s TextEdit application and “All My Files” Finder icons.

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