“Shy Boy” by Thomas Swiss

"Shy Boy" by Thomas Swiss
Open “Shy Boy” by Thomas Swiss

“Shadow” by Ted Warnell

"Shadow" by Ted Warnell
Open “Shadow” by Ted Warnell

“Talking Cure” by Noah Wardrip Fruin, et. al.

“Riddles” by Nick Montfort

Open “Riddles” by Nick Montfort

“the data][h!][bleeding texts” by Mez Breeze

Screen shot from “the data][h!][bleeding texts” by Mez Breeze. Red colored background with a white and black text. Text: “/me open s][ource][ auce codes, open/ window vent][ings][, o][h!][.pens and/ pencils…/ /me leans down 2 the room’s floor, a/ velvet sounding boarded surface, and listens…/ /me D.texts a soft murmuring, voices/ swooning in 2 b$w, a soft echo of the/ page…” these are the only parts of the text which are in black: s][ource][auce, vent][ings, o][h!][. Pens, D.texts, 2, 2.
Open “the data][h!][bleeding texts” by Mez Breeze

“Jeffrey” by Lewis LaCook

"Jeffrey" by Lewis LaCook. A doodle of a man wearing a beret. Text: "Jeffrey / by lewis lacook / onward"
Open “Jeffrey” by Lewis LaCook

“The Minotaur Project” by Kim White

Screen capture of “The Minotaur Project” by Kim White. White background with squares forming a picture of a human, white skin colored ear. There is a text on top but it is too small to read.
Open “The Minotaur Project” by Kim White

“Web Warp & Weft” by Helen Whitehead

Screen capture from "Web Warp & Weft" by Helen Whitehead. White background with various lines of text written in different colors. Text: All text is too small to read.
Open “Web Warp & Weft” by Helen Whitehead

“Stein Times Nine” by Brian Reed

Screen shot from “Stein Times Nine” by Brian Reed. Black background with four squares forming a cross in gray color. The text is in color pink and it changes with time. Text: “He had only they/ sat. I meant to a/ circular imagining./ A sentence. I only/ knew he knew/ when the second” (text changes) “Disgust. Regularly/ mention play. Cut/ wood that it would/ be learned. A daisy/ date. He was tiny/ day that he.” Etc.
Open “Stein Times Nine” by Brian Reed

“Delimited Meshings” by Talan Memmott

Screen capture of “Delimited Meshings” by Talan Memmott. Title page of poem, divided vertically with appendix on right side and floorplan sketch on left. Text: "Delimitied Meshings, a white paper, talan memmott, SORTS, Appendix, Equilabryt, Opera, Missed.Story, Narcisystems."
Open “Delimited Meshings” by Talan Memmott