“[con]artist” by Randy Adams

"[con] artist" by Randy Adams
Open “[con]artist” by Randy Adams
This hypertext multimedia work by the late master remixer Randy Adams is an homage to the World Wide Web. Adams describes his impetus “to create a hypertext[url] Web art work that pays homage to the World Wide Web and, on the other hand, pokes some fun at it” and “to utilize and interpret, exclusively, text and images found on the web.” To achieve this he embarked upon a constraint-based writing described in detail within the project, but best read after experiencing the work.

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“Moment” by Joe Keenan

Screen capture from "Moment" by Joe Keenan. White background with curved lines of letters
Open “Moment” by Joe Keenan

“Tideland” by M.D. Coverley

Screen capture from"Tideland" by M.D. Coverley. Peach Background with various lines in blue and orange spread all over the image. A vintage picture of a male and femal to the middle right of the image and a a light pink and white image to its left. Text: the text is too small to read.
Open “Tideland” by M.D. Coverley