“Deal With It” Meme by Matt Furie and You

Deal-With-It-Skateboarding-Cat-Gif“Deal with it” is a meme based on a popular phrase or expression that uses image macros and/or animated GIFs as a snarky response when someone else notes disapproval, most frequently used online forums or social networks. This meme is characterized by an image of an iconic person, celebrity, or event, accompanied by the descending of sunglasses upon the subject’s face and revealing a caption which says “Deal with it.”

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Slenderman, The Marble Hornets, and Totheark

slenderman-1-708110Remember those chain emails your most obscure contacts would send you during the wee hours of the night that read something like “IF U DON’T FWD DIS A CREEPY CRAWLY GHOST OF A GIRL WILL COME OUT OF DA CLOSET AND KILL U” ?

Well they’re back. And they’re coming to get you for not forwarding all those emails.

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“The Seven Wonders” by Alan Bigelow

Open “The Seven Wonders” by Alan Bigelow

This webyarn takes us on a journey through the mind of the speaker triggered by ingredients while he explores his kitchen. The speaker makes a bizarre connection between seven ingredients (flour, pepper, sugar, salt, olive oil, vinegar, thyme) and his romantic relationship with a woman who has abandoned him. It is structured as a linear narrative that follows the same pattern with each kitchen ingredient: the revealing of the ingredient, the explanation its historical significance or its use in both positive and negative ways, a video is incorporated as a companion, and finally the connection between the ingredient, the speaker, and his relationship.

Similarly to another one of Bigelow’s works, “In a World Without Electricity,” the speaker of “The Seven Wonders” reconstructs past events in order to make sense of them. In the earlier work, the speaker reminisces over the death of someone close to him, while in “The Seven Wonders” the speaker examines his seemingly finalized amorous relationship with a long gone woman in the hopes of finding closure.

Seven Wonders Pepper

Each ingredient serves a purpose. The speaker is comparing each one to romantic relationship and its components. By doing so, in sixteen days the speaker comes to terms with the apparent end of his relationship. The flour represents the foundation any relationship should have, and without which it can crumble. Pepper is the most traded spice in the World which the speaker compares to how people use superficial love to spice up a burgeoning relationship. The speaker is implying that “love” has been cheapened and commercialized the same way pepper has. Next comes sugar and so on with the remaining ingredients. The photos of the ingredients are in close, macroscopic scale, comparable to the way the speaker is analyzing his relationship, and also evoking the monumental Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. The GIFs represent the journey the absent lover is taking starting at the Niagara Falls and ending…

Well that’s for you to discover, dear reader.

Leonardo Flores Loves “A(l)one” by Annie Abrahams

“A(l)one” by Annie Abrahams

Note: you’ll need to allow pop-up windows to read this poem.

This minimalist e-poem  influenced me greatly in my development into an e-lit scholar. When I first encountered this poem in 1999, I was impressed by its use of colorful pop up windows in different sizes and positions to illustrate how one can be alone, even when surrounded by others. The distinctive features of each window yield to a common look and feel as the all become the same in color and message, as seen below.


The yellow words that take over all the windows is a background image– an animated GIF alternating the word/phrase “alone” and “all one.” This repetitive sequence resonates with E. E. Cumming’s spatial juxtaposition in “[l(a]” because both poems provide compelling images of loneliness. Whether you are a leaf falling from a tree, detached (in death) from the company of other leaves, or a window surrounded by 15 other windows for a little while only to be left alone, in the end you are bound to feel “one.”

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#gifandcircumstance by Allison Parrish

Screen capture from #gifandcircumstance by Adam Parrish. Team Illuminate's glow in the dark dance from America's Got Talent. Text: "If I were your man..."
Open #gifandcircumstance by Allison Parrish

This bot mines the Twitter stream for phrases starting with “when,” extracts the clauses, and joins each phrase with a randomly selected animated GIF in a Tumblr. Here’s a more detailed description from Parrish’s blog:

A “#whatshouldwecallme-style tumblr” is one in which animated GIFs are paired with a title expressing a circumstance or mood—usually a clause beginning with “when.” I wrote a Python script to make these kinds of posts automatically. Here’s what it does:

(1) Search Twitter for tweets containing the word “when.”
(2) Extract the “when” clause from such tweets.
(3) Use Pattern to identify “when” clauses with suitable syntax (i.e., clauses in which a subject directly follows “when”; plus some other heuristic fudging)
(4) Post the “when” clause as the title of a tumblr post, along with an animated GIF randomly chosen from the imgur gallery.

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“Stein Times Nine” by Brian Reed

Screen shot from “Stein Times Nine” by Brian Reed. Black background with four squares forming a cross in gray color. The text is in color pink and it changes with time. Text: “He had only they/ sat. I meant to a/ circular imagining./ A sentence. I only/ knew he knew/ when the second” (text changes) “Disgust. Regularly/ mention play. Cut/ wood that it would/ be learned. A daisy/ date. He was tiny/ day that he.” Etc.
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“Chu Ta” by Thomas Bell

“Chu Ta” by Thomas Bell

“GIF Poems” by Komninos Zervos

Screen capture from "GIF Poems" by Komninos Zervos. Part of a poem headlined "kidzstory" whose verses vary in font style, sizes, and colors. Text: "kidzstory / in a land before time / down by a river / habitated by mutants / a brave warrior / and a golden goose / who was loved by / a handsome prince / they fought a bitter battle / and happiness ruled the earth."
Open “GIF Poems” by Komninos Zervos

“Internal Damage Data” and “Fleshis.tics” by Mez Breeze

Screen capture of "Internal Damage Data" by Mez Breeze. Black text on red background. Text: "OptiON: Compare and Assess Internal Datadamage / OptiON: Explicit / [DE]Func[fix]tion Is Loaded(By Internal Damage Form As Narrative String) As Absorbed by Read.her / 1 Returns True if the specifi[X]ed Internal Damage Form accepter as Read.her Damage Coll[ate]usion view. / ConstFIXtional damageStateClosed = 0 / ConstFixtional damageDesignOpen = 1 / If DisbeliefSeepageCmd(acSepCmdGetdamageState, acForm, strNarrative) <> condamageStateClosed / Then"
Open “Internal Damage Data” and “Fleshis.tics” by Mez Breeze