“l0ve0ne” by Judy Malloy

Screen capture of "l0ve0ne" by Judy Malloy. A poem displayed on a bright blue background. Text: "On the only video tapes she owns / are all the episodes of the old Star Trek series, / and she watches one _________ religiously every evening before bed. / Sig scribbled Wolfie's words on paper on the floor -- / prefacing each line with the word 'rem' / _________ written in capital letters so that it looked like this: REM / REM: She is very tall for a woman - about 5'9'' / REM: with well developed muscles in her arms / REM: despite the fact the she seldom exercises."
Open “l0ve0ne” by Judy Malloy

“Internet Text, 1994- [Through Feb 2, 2006]” by Alan Sondheim

Screen capture of "Internet Text, 1994-[Through Feb 2, 2006]" by Alan Sondheim. A circular word cloud. Text: "WORLD / WRITING / TEXT / body / FORM / TIME / NET / space / LIFE / ITSELF/ COMMUNITY / thing / (etc)"

Open “Internet Text, 1994-[Through Feb 2, 2006]” by Alan Sondheim

Alan Sondheim is a prolific writer, musician, and artist who uses the Internet as an inspiration and means for publication. The sheer mass of text he has produced in the past 15+ years is so staggering that it reminds me of Basil Bunting’s “On the Flyleaf of Pound’s Cantos.” To be specific, here are some numbers compiled after cutting and pasting all the text in the files which constitute this portion of Sondheim’s Internet Text: